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You want to create the business and life you desire.

On your own terms 👊

You want to play bigger, have an impact, make money with meaning, go on adventures, conquer the world, build a business with your feet in the sand, create positive change for yourself, your loved ones and the next generation.

You KNOW you have the background, the brains and the (lady)balls to go out there and JUST DO IT.

But every time you psych yourself up and want to press play on your dreams (like a cool and unapologetic BADASS),

this sneaky voice in your head speaks up: 

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Shouldn’t you be more accomplished and qualified?”

“Are you really ready for that next step?”

“Aren’t you too old for this shit?”

“You can’t say that!”

“Who are you to even want all this?”

“And what’s with your hair today?”

“This is ridiculous!”

“You won’t make it!”

(F*ck, she’s loud! 😱)


Let me introduce you to:

your Inner Corporate Chick ©️

The one who fills you with self-doubt, procrastination and fear of bad hair days.

I’m Mariëlle

Transformation & Self-leadership Guide, with a love for Human Design, Gene Keys, sunrise beach walks, sushi and surfer dudes (don’t tell my man I said that!).

As an ex-corporate chick myself, I know all about her. And my amazing, brilliant, talented, entrepreneurial clients know her too!

After 10 years of climbing the corporate ladder in recruitment, account management and consultative sales in HR and Marketing (being responsible for budgets up to a million dollars) it’s been challenging to get rid her (to say the least!). Over the years I’ve studied her meticulously, cursed her existence, talked, danced, fought, and got drunk with her more than once. Even after I escaped to Paris (a story for another time), burned my corporate clothes in a ritual bonfire and moved to the other side of the world with a business dream and a laptop under my arm. She. Was. Still. There. Like a toxic relationship you can’t seem to let go off. This twisted love-affair is real y’all.

If you’re sitting up straight right now, thinking:

“WTF, could this be me too? Is she really running the show?!”

Then it’s time I let you in on a little secret:

You may have left CORPORATE,

But corporate never really left YOU.”

You are not CRAZY and you’re not ALONE!


The Corporate Corset is still holding you tiiiighhhhht.

Corporate culture and it’s hierarchical system run deep in your veins (and you didn’t even know it!).

Somehow you’re still waiting for approval and permission.

To speak your truth, claim your spot and take the lead.

And that’s never going to happen.

No-one will GIVE you a promotion or gold star for a job well done.



STOP letting your inner Corporate Chick run the show

and give YOURSELF the promotion you DESERVE

(with a pay raise & corner-office-on-the-beach to match)

Are you ready to step into the role as CREATIVE CEO and LEADER of your business

and go to your next level of impact, income and influence (if you so desire)?

Without losing yourself (again) or burning out in the process?



If this sounds easier said than done,

because your current work-relationship status says It’s complicated

(even after all these years)

No shame!

I’m here to help you figure it all out.


Ready for a date with your new life? Book a free introduction call (like the BOSS that you are 👊😎)

and find out how we can work together to get you in that CEO seat.

“Working with Marielle has opened me up to a world of possibilities!

I received unexpected media opportunities and attracted beautiful new projects and collaborations. I started trusting my intuition more. I even changed my diet when I started listening to my own needs more and it really improved my wellbeing. This goes way deeper than the surface level. She invites you to get to your core, trust your inner guidance and go after your dreams fully on your own terms. Mariëlle really inspires you to take the lead in your business and life!

Naomi Neijssen, Art Director & Creative Entrepreneur

Your brilliant ideas will never see the light of day or will just take twice as long to develop without Mariëlle’s coaching.”

Julia Chalon, Online Marketing Expert

Working with Mariëlle gave exactly what I needed (and more!) to get me energised + focussed on what I want to create and help me move forward FAST.

I’m in the midst of stepping up in my business, launching a new offer, tapping into a new audience, and changing my services around. There’s so much going on that I really needed someone to help me get out of my head and find clarity and focus, so I can make the best decisions for my business. Marielle helped me give words to what I feel, think, envision and desire. She is solution focused, asks inquisitive questions, and swiftly gets to the heart of the matter. She offers a fresh perspective, sees opportunities that I didn’t even think off, and she gave me some valuable tips on how to show up for my business on a bigger scale, get more visible and make my next launch a success.

Martine de Troije, Leadership Coach