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lead with love

high touch personal coaching

You’re a purpose-driven professional

A forward thinking business owner

A new leader

You have a big heart, creative mind and inspiring message to share. You want to help, educate, teach, motivate and serve others. You desire to make (more) money with meaning and are on a mission to make a difference. You long for more freedom to live life to the fullest, tap into your talents, and do things on your own terms. You’re self-driven, adventurous and fun. You have a zest for life and the fire in your heart to make it happen.

You have everything you need (and more!) to make it work for you,

but for some reason it’s not coming to full bloom. YET.

Even though you have so much talent and experience you cannot help but notice:

You doubt yourself, you struggle to stand up for what you believe in and you shy away from making necessary decisions to move you forward. Your clients LOVE what you do for them, but you’re not fully owning your amazing gifts and you know it. You’ve felt ready for the next level for a while now, but you feel stuck in some old version of you and don’t know how to shift that. You are tired of doing this alone. You want to feel inspired again, play, grow your confidence, get more courageous in putting yourself out there and find creative solutions to make it work.

Yes, you want more fun, flow and (financial) freedom, but you understand that it will only happen if you have the guts to take back the reins of what you set out to create.


Then I would love to invite you to book a consult with me

I’m Mariëlle Hoogenboom

I’ve created this exclusive and high-touch coaching package for talented professionals, female entrepreneurs and new leaders like you, who have big dreams, are serious about their business AND want to create the heart-led, soul-full life they desire. No compromise.

This is for you, if you are fully committed to making this work and have the deep desire to do business & life it on your own terms.

Your life. Your style. Your vibe.

You’re tired of listening to every other self-proclaimed guru out there, and you are ready to tune in to YOU and what you have to offer to the world. You know you’ve kept yourself small for way too long. The way you’re doing things now, is not getting you where you want be. You’re done with holding yourself back. You’re ready for change. You’re ready for inspired action to get you closer to your dreams. And you’re looking for the right support to back you up on this part of your journey.

Take the lead

“Working with Marielle has opened me up to a world of possibilities!

I received unexpected media opportunities and attracted beautiful new projects and collaborations. I started trusting my intuition more. I even changed my diet when I started listening to my own needs more and it really improved my wellbeing. This goes way deeper than the surface level. She invites you to get to your core, trust your inner guidance and go after your dreams fully on your own terms. Mariëlle really inspires you to take the lead in your business and life and I can’t wait to work with her again!”

Naomi Neijssen, Art Director, Creative Entrepreneur (,

How would you feel if you could

* Create your work & life around your core desired feelings and values

* Turn your dream goals into practical action steps to move you forward in your business and life (fast)

* Discover your real talents & gifts and zone of genius that your ideal clients really NEED from you and make you stand out as an entrepreneur and visionary leader online

* Declutter the patterns and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you to make space for everything you desire 

* Recognise and tackle the growing pains and fears (hello inner critic!) that come along with showing up, sharing your truth and stepping into your power 

* Instil more healthy boundaries around family, friends and clients

* Stay in the high vibration of playfulness and joy to build your dream business & life

* Infuse your business & life with more (self) love and self-care 

* Position yourself as the expert, professional, leader and badass business owner you long to be and contribute to the conversation in your own unique fresh way

If this is all a  Hell Yes! for you,

then I would love to invite you to book a call with me

Book your free consult

This consult is meant for the talented, heart-led, purpose-driven women who are serious about going to their next level. They feel that they are in the right (head & heart) space to make that investment and know they will not get to where they want to go without help (fast). This introductory consult is meant get to know each other and find out if we are the right fit. As this is an exclusive high-touch package, it needs to feel good for both of us!

Go to the calendar and book your obligation free 45-minute today.

Fill out the quick questionnaire beforehand to make the most out of our time together. In this introductory session we’ll establish where are you are now, what the next level of growth is for you and if we are the perfect match to work together on this part of your journey. If this is a YES for both of us we will get the details in order and set a date and time to get to work. Weehoo! And if we decide it’s not a match, I’m confident that we’ll have had a great inspiring chat and you’ll walk away with new energy and fresh ideas that will help you move forward on your desired path.

What do you get?

– 4 months exclusive and inclusive support, guidance and access to me

– 1 kick-off session to set your dream goals for the coming months, followed by 7 exclusive 1-on-1 coach calls

– My tools, knowledge, creative mind and commitment to help you flourish and get you to the next level

– Private access to me every weekday via FB messenger or voice messaging (I’ve got your back)

– Weekly accountability document reviewed by me, to keep you on track and make sure you turn your vision into reality

– Any feedback you need on blog post, salescopy, newsletters etc during our time together

Working with Mariëlle gave exactly what I needed (and more!) to get me energised + focussed on what I want to create and help me move forward FAST.

I’m in the midst of stepping up in my business, launching a new offer, tapping into a new audience, and changing my services around. There’s so much going on that I really needed someone to help me get out of my head and find clarity and focus, so I can make the best decisions for my business. Marielle helped me give words to what I feel, think, envision and desire. She is solution focused, asks inquisitive questions, and swiftly gets to the heart of the matter. She offers a fresh perspective, sees opportunities that I didn’t even think off, and she gave me some valuable tips on how to show up for my business on a bigger scale, get more visible and make my next launch a success.

Martine de Troije, Leadership Coach (

How do I know this is for me?

Let me help you with that! This is totally made for you if:

You’re ready for that next level of dream life creation and want to take the lead in your business and life

You have the time, energy and financial resources available to invest in yourself and are excited about your personal & professional growth

You don’t shy away from doing the inner work required to show up more boldly in the outside world

You know, you KNOW that you will move forward much faster with someone in your corner. Someone who has your back, who you can talk to and can meet you at the level you are at. That sees what you have to offer and so much more. Who helps you through those moments of doubt, fear and frustration. Someone who is solution focussed and supportive of your vision that you want to bring to life

You understand that you’re the creator of our life and are not afraid to take action and responsibility for the progress you make. You have the guts to be vulnerable about every aspect of your life and leave no stone unturned to get what you want

And let’s be honest…

This is NOT for you if:

You just got started on your journey of personal & professional development and are new in building a business online

You feel deep resistance to doing the heart & soul work required to show up as a (new) leader

You’re actually looking for practical how to’s and step-by-step guide of building an online business

You’re looking for a get-rich-quick solution and you’re coming from a place of lack and worry around money


$3800 USD


Client Love

Are you ready to take the lead in bizz & life?

Every package is unique and customised to fit your specific needs.

I am not here to tell you HOW to run your business or WHAT to do, you are way to smart (and headstrong) for that. During our time together I’ll be your cheerleader and confidante while you create and build your heart-led, mission-driven business. I’m a solid sparring partner for you to bounce off ideas from. I help you uncover your talents & gift and unique voice, work with you on recognising your inner wisdom and limiting beliefs, changing the stories, offering you a fresh perspective and new ways of seeing things. I’m here to give inspiration, creative insights and ask the tough questions where needed. I get to the heart of the matter and help you move forward in the right direction for YOU. I hold you accountable, while you take inspired action + work towards your #dreamgoals with focus, fun and new found energy.

Your brilliant ideas will never see the light of day or will just take twice as long to develop without Mariëlle’s coaching.”

Julia Chalon, Creative Entrepreneur, Owner (www.