Human Design Session


Your Human Design will give you access to your own inner compass to guide you trough life. Order your 15+ page Personal Human Design Report to use as a reference and guide to create the business, career & life you desire.

Your Human Design shines a light on your purpose, inherent talents and superpowers, what lights you up, how you make aligned decisions for your business/career and life, how you use your intuition, how you use your energy wisely, how you lead, love and connect with others.

Step 1: place the order
Step 2: After the payment comes through, I’ll send you an email to request your birth time, date & place
Step 3: I will need about 1-2 weeks to complete your blueprint
Step 4: When it’s ready, we plan a digital date (matching your timezone) to go over your design together (And if you’re in Manly, Sydney I’m happy to make it a face-to-face session :heart:with you!)

All prices are in USD

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